My class grades

Attendance (Be present in class and on time) 25%
I have attended all the classes and participated in class discussions. I didn’t miss any class. I was always on time.

Daily Reading and Blog Posts 25%
I have done all the assignments, the reading, and the blogs. I got 5 stars and 10 out of 10.

Individual, Team and Class Projects 25%
I have involved and participated in all group projects, and I have done all the Individual assignments and projects that were in the class. Also, I did all the extra work for graduate students and I did the Extra Bonus and the Double Extra Bonus Question for MBA students.

Project Quality and Performance 23%
The project was awesome, high quality and performance. We did an excellent job.

So I would say an A or 98%

Internet Marketing and E-commerce class

From my perspective, the class was full of real-world experience and the instructor’s ability to relate relevant professional experiences to the topics covered in the course. The teacher is successful in his fields and provides testimonials from the outside world. All of that Jim offered to us in the Internet Marketing and E-commerce class.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank him for such a wonderful class.
I think you are an awesome professor. You have been so honest and so direct in teaching us vital information about important subjects that revolve around us in the world today. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and enriching class.

I wish Jim would have discussed

I think we have covered the most Internet marketing and e-commerce topics. When my friend told me about this class and the instructor is a business man who would share his experience with us. I added the class directly because I really wanted to learn from a person who has the real-world experience and the ability to relate relevant professional experiences to the topics in the course.

I wish if we discussed more about smartphones and some impressive phone apps and go deeper on this topic because it’s one of the most important things in today’s life.

My summer plans

I have a lot of plans this summer. First of all, in the first week in this summer, I will go to visit my brother in New Jersey. I will spend 2 weeks over there. After that, I will finally go to my home country to visit my family. I really miss my mom. It was really long time since the last time I saw her. I’m planning to go for camping with my dad and my brothers for some time. My wife, she plans to go with her family to Turkey. I would like to go with her, but I prefer to spend more time with my parent. I will try to encourage my parent to take a chance to travel together to any place close like Dubai for example. But I don’t know if I could make it because in this summer I will have an internship. This will fill out most of my time. At the end of the summer, on my way back to Ashland, I’m thinking about to stop for few days in Seattle to take the chance to see this beautiful city.

Last Class and why it’s important


It stood out to me from the last class “ and why it’s important”. I really was wondered why Netflix wants users to know how fast the internet connection is, and has launched a new website,, that will give that information. It’s a simplified speed test website that only focuses on download speed – as this is the metric that determines your video quality. The goal with the site is to help you figure out who’s to blame when you have a problem with your Netflix connection. It might not be Netflix’s fault, but rather your ISP slowing things down. I understand from this example that some organizations provide free tools to their customer to avoid spending a lot of time to explain to them that the fault is not from them, and it’s from another service provider. This will save money and time.


A video on my Facebook

I found this video on my Facebook page. It really stood out to me. The video was filmed in San Diego. The city that I spent two years of my life in it. The weather was amazing at that moment. It was a beautiful rainy weather. I was in Fashion Valley Mall buying some staff for my school. The video was on May 14, 2015. Almost 400 viewers watched the video. Comparing to  the other videos this one is special one for me because it reminds me of the good time that I spent in this beautiful city.

Top 10 list of things non-profits should do

the top 10 list of things non-profits should do to effectively use internet marketing and eCommerce:

1) Create a website that is eye-catching, dynamically built and developed on a strong platform.
2) Use social media to share what the organization is doing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
3) Make email newsletter sign-up easy ,simple and prominent.
4) Simplify the online donation process.
5 ) Go mobile. The website should have a mobile presence that works on the top mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android.
6 ) Monitor your brand continually.
7 ) Track your progress by using “Google Analytics”.
8) Build a Community that share similar interests to the organization’s mission.
9) Engagement is Key. Ask the members to share their opinions and have them post their responses online.
10) Freshen Up Profiles; Update user profiles every couple of days with new photos, interesting facts, new stories, blog entries, videos, etc.

Jackson County Foster Parent Association

Twitter is currently one of the largest social networking sites around. It is a social media platform that enables users to broadcast updates across the web to other similar users who can easily access these updates.

Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing social network site. It enables users to take photos and videos and post them on the network to other registered users.

Twitter and Instagram are the most effective channels. It is something important to have pages in these social media channels. This will promote your business and will attract more people to your business.

The Jackson County Foster Parents Association (JCFPA) is a non-profit organization that needs to attract more people to join JCFPA to help provide a home for these vulnerable children.

Besides running their Facebook page, in my opinion, they also need to create and manage a Twitter and Instagram pages. This will help to broadcast updates to the people who followed them. Also, they could post and share new photos and videos. All of this will not take more time from them and does not need any more manpower because by connecting Twitter and Instagram to their Facebook page. They don’t need any more time to spend on these social media pages because when they post anything on their Facebook page, there will be option to share the post with the other social media channels that they created and connected to the Facebook page. This will help them a lot to promote, attract, and reach to a higher number of people in the community.